Application baro graph and realtime baro graph do not jibe

I am running 9.79, and noticed that the barometer graph/reading on the application window and the barometer graph and reading in the realtime graph are not the same. Am I missing something here?

I did a looky at mine. Then I went and looked at the graph on my console. The console one and the autographs are about the same.

The only thing I can put together right now is that the auto graphs appear to be more customized. the main streen graphs are in increments of 12 hours for the full view image, you might want to experiment by changing intervals and see how they compare.

There may be some difference in the algorithm between the two charts. When Brian gets back from his hiatus, (unless hobbits have him in the garden) he can check the formulas .

very interesting observation. Now I am curious. ( hmm finish reports or weather, which is more fun???) :roll:

You can see the difference at my site: .

are we talking about the real time graph vs. the desk image graph?

my site:

Yes, we are referring to the desk screen vs the real time graph.

the real time graph is the actual baro reading at that point in time, instead of a 1 minute average that the main screen graph is
as you can have the real time grpah updating more often, say every 10 seconds even (see the adjustment bottom right nad corner: every 60 seconds is the default)

I would also note that the reading reported in the list to the right does not reflect the reading shown on the graph.

ah, that reading (if you dont move the mouse over it, i.e the reading on the web image, is actualy the 1 minute average…

Ok. but the line in the real-time graph does not match the graph on the desktop as to values. There just does not seem to be that likely a probability of such a significant difference. At 0050Z the desktop graph and reading reported 1008.3 hpa. the realtime graph list reported 946.7hpa, and the realtime graph line also at 946+ hpa when you mouse over the graph line. 52 hpa seems a significant difference.

you should not have a difference like that at all!
it should be only 0.1 to 0.2 hpa difference

i see you are using hpa but oF for temperature
that might have something to do it
what vers of wd?
and try a clear graph on the real time graph too

actualy i have just check the code, and that is why
i.e oF for temperature but hpa for pressure

fixing now

I only report what anomoalies that I see!!

Thanks Brian!

grab a new 9.79 version now…
should be ok (from now on on the real time plot

I am running 9.79 already, which is the version I reported the problem in.

download it again (there is a new 9.79)