Apple drops Java

Apple, which has previously included Java with installations of Mac OS X, announced the move on its support site. It said that customers need to obtain Java directly from Oracle if they want to access web content written the widely used programming language. (

May have to switch back to the carterlake template or default WD webpage setup…

May have to switch back to the carterlake template or default WD webpage setup...
Why?? There are only four people in the US that have apple ;)


Javascript <> Java. The templates use javascript which is much more secure according to our guru, Ken True.

I don’t believe Windows comes with Java included either. Microsoft used to include their own version of Java but then came the Sun lawsuit and that was the end of that.

A better solution for Apple anyway imho to move to the Windows model. That way you don’t distribute old outdated/insecure versions of Java with your OS or subsequent OS updates. From what I understand (being a MS user) is that people always had a beef about the Apple distro’s always being ‘behind’

That’s exactly the case, Mark. Apple isn’t dropping Java. They just are not including it with current installations. In fact, they haven’t for some time now. Two major OS revisions, if I remember correctly. What brought all this to the press’ attention lately, is that Apple recently issued a minor upgrade to strip the three year old Apple version of Java from installed OS. Like any other OS, Mac users now get their Java directly from Oracle, guaranteeing a current version.

Just another case of the press trying to make Apple look like the bad guy…

There isn’t an Apple version of Java. All Java comes from Oracle (Sun). What Apple didn’t do what they included Java in MacOS was to set it so that it could auto-update. They then reacted to some serious problems with the very old version of Java left on their systems by withdrawing Java rather than setting it up so that it could auto-update. Admittedly there isn’t very much that uses Java in the non-corporate world, but for those who used it removal wasn’t exactly user friendly. Another case of Apple knowing best what you want to do :roll: