reporting file arriving empty

My data file to is getting there according to Tim at anythingweather but the file is empty. He suggested to reboot (no help) and also to delete the history files… I did not since I do not want to delete all weather history. He also said to delete just file diallogtenmin.dat. I can not find this file. I scanned C: drive completely… It may be temp file that is deleted after sending. Since the file is being sent I believe I have all the username and password info correct. Any ideas.

Sorry, forgot to mention I am running version 9.54

According to my ftp log, the file that gets sent is dailylog10min.txt. Check to see if it’s empty (It’s located in logfiles). There should also be an anythingweather.txt file. (I’m not sure what that one does!) Have you got the ten minute log file option turned on in logfile recording? I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it , but it might be worth a try?

I just setup my anythingweather account and have a question. The FTP seems to be working but its uploading a file named dailylog10min.txt. But this file is not in the log file directory. There is a file named anything weather.txt. Do I need to do more setup other than what is on the anything weather page?

In checking further, I see I have “store a date stamped daily log file” turned on…maybe try that? (I also have daily ten minute log on) It’s been so long since I set up anythingweather (over 2 yrs ago). I don’t remember there being any-other setup needed for it.

I was having the same problem, just talked with the anything weather guy and he told me the same thing about the dailylog10min file. I checked the ligfiles folder and found only the anythingweather.txt file, looked at it and it was empty. I deleted the file, it was re-created by WD and this time it had data in it. Now my anything weather site has data displayed again. It took about ten minutes for the data to appear after uploading it.

A little confused here. Are you saying you did turn on the dailylog10min.txt file creation or not? My anythingweather.txt has all kinds of data in it but I do not have the dailylog10min.txt option turned on? If this option needs to be turned on then there should be a message indicating this on the AnythingWeather setup page or it should be checked automatically when this option is turned on.

Found anythingweather.txt in logifles. Its size was 101K. But when trying to open it found it empty. Deleted this file and WD recreated it with a size of 1K with the latest weather info. Will check in 30 mins to see if the data is shown at Not sure what caused this file to get corrupted since this was working.

grhughes, You don’t have to turn on the dailylog10min file for the anythingweather upload to work. Just turn the option on on the setup page. If you want to see the dailylog10min file in the logfiles folder that has to be turned on at setup for log file recoeding.

Thanks Rick. I just got an email from Tim and he stated that before I could see the uploaded data he had to do more account setup on his end. Thanks for all the help.

That was it. The recreated anythingweather.txt file is working.
Thanks again all.

the local file is called anythingweather.txt

and then delete trick usualy works!

when it is uploaded, it is renamed as dailylog10min.txt

no other settings should need to be enabled

latest vers should fix the web cam problem