Anyone receiving those 'Your 7-Day Forecast for ...' daily messages from Weather

Indeed, since this past Sunday (March 24th), I have been receiving daily eMail messages containing the ‘Your Daily Forecast’ (and for the upcoming 7 days) for my home location … and I have never subscribed to receive any such information.

At the bottom of the eMail message there is a ‘MANAGE EMAIL PREFERENCES’ link where one is supposedly able to add or remove any ‘Email Alerts’ … but nothing about the ‘Your Daily Forecast’ messages.

If anyone knows where such settings (to cancel the daily messages) can be found on the Weather Underground web site, the location/URL would be greatly appreciated.

I am receiving them without subscription but I haven

I have been getting a daily forecast because I have subscribed to get it, but I now have been getting a weekly one instead of a daily one, so something has changed some where.


Yes, and it seems that the settings to unsubscribe from the daily/weekly has not yet been designed into the web page templates… :blush: