anyone interested to get this to work for .....

… Weather Display

First I have to say I did try, but couldn’t.

Demo on my website using renamed noaa-reports from Wlink

Could be offline sometimes when trying to figure out something.


Edit: wohoo!!, slowly getting somewhere

The color table looks a lot like Murry’s temp detail chart so we have the technology to do that part.

Yes, but I personally like the charts, especially the wind chart
Also comparing looks great

Oh I agree, the charts do look good.

Wow! Those charts are outstanding! Is that jpgraph?

I think they are from Graphweather. There was somebody on that forum that built that script. I had those on my site. But I do not have them uploading because I have to many things already FTP’ing to my web server.


No, only GD2, no other installations needed.

So far the guy who wrote the script, did it for GraphWeather and Weatherlink noaa-reports

Well I had a script like that, it was using Graphweather. I should have worded it differently. Sorry for the confusion.


Could be the same script, this is version 2 of it.

If you have Weatherlink or GraphWeather, you could try it, it is easy :slight_smile:

I have weatherlink uploading. Maybe would give it a shot.


slowly getting somewhere, using a hacked version of a “Ken True”-script as a starting point

see link in first post

nice addition, Jozef !

Fast graphs and good to read over (a) year(s) time (comparison !!)
hope you can work it out, then usable for wx-ajax-ml maybe ?

Don’t know yet, as I’m only a hacking-coder, not a programmer.

I was an electrician in a malt factory, nothing to do with computers.

Pinto…it appears you’ve got it!!! :slight_smile:

Looks really great pinto.


No, the only thing I have right now is the table at the to so you can choose a file. :slight_smile:

The colored table is not OK. :x

Lot of work to do, no time, the boss is complaining (you are married to your computer, she says)

I wish I had more time (read: brains) to figure out some of these things. :smiley:

I do find this interresting, (charts) and so: I think I’m going to try to make this work, (maybe some real programmer can do this for us)

Very nice Pinto!
Best regards,


:smiley: :smiley:

I like your modesty, Jozef.


This software work with Weather Display ?

Not yet, working on it, but as I’m not a programmer, so it could be 2011 before it does.