Anyone having problems with their Weather Underground webcam videos?

I’ve noticed for some time that the flash videos created by Weather Underground have not been working properly. Often there are only a couple of images in the daily videos.

My webcam image updates successfully on my server every 5 minutes, and all my other WU data seems fine.

Is anyone else having this problem?

I dont see any problem with my WU daily videos

Hmm, any ideas what I could check? I guess it’s a problem at WU’s end rather than mine, as all they’re doing is grabbing the image from my server?

Mine have been flakey lately.


I am also getting this error. But when I look at the data, the temps are changing according to their own records?

Quality Control: The thermometer sensor on your weather station has not reported a change in temperature over the past 6 hours. Please check your weather station thermometer and weather station software. Please note that your station has been removed from the site. This message is to help you report accurate information. Error Last Occured: 8 days ago


I haven’t received any errors like that but I went in to WU to check my webcam URL and it had a extra “w” in the www address. Maybe that’s the problem - I’ve corrected it & once they’ve approved it we’ll see if it starts working normally again.

I can. Your videos are doing the same as mine are, where the timestamp jumps hours ahead at regular intervals, so WU definitely have issues with their video creation. It has been doing it for months. I can’t be bothered to raise a problem ticket with them though. It would appear that WU reliability has reduced somewhat since their buyout by TWC.

Hi Mark,

I had an issue with my lapse time video and I see that yours is not working for me.

I checked “Control Panel–>Web Cam–>New Day Video Setup” in WD and my settings were deleted and I had to figure out what belongs where. I had big help from Brian yesterday and got it up and running by the end of the day. See my settings on the attached.

Hope that this might solve your issue(s) or help a little bit.

–Stan Y.
Maui, Hawaii

Stan, this thread is about videos created by Weather Underground rather than within Weather Display.

Hi Simon,

Okay on that on WU issue but I saw on Marks page that his video was not working and that might be the starting place to look at for his issue to WU. If he is using WD to create the video, that is.


–Stan Y.
Maui, Hawaii

Fair comment Stan, I’m sure Mark will appreciate your advice.


Both of the cameras I use FTP the images to WU. Something with WU is hosing the videos.


I had only had a casual look at my WU video page
the jumps are not that obvious
there has been lots of reports of problems of various update problems with WU over the last several months
so most likely related

My videos that have worked fine for years are now not showing up in WU looks like others are having the same problem as they all are showing errors if you try to view them.

The FTP upload of webcam images often times out as well which obviously creates problems for smooth video creation as images don’t get uploaded. I can see WD FTP trying to upload right now (says I am connection 4052 of 5000 to the WU webcam FTP server, which shows there must be a problem with WU as there are usually never that many simultaneous connections). Like I said before though I can’t be bothered to report it to WU. I will leave someone else to do it if they are really concerned about it :lol:

No problems here, but I don’t upload my webcam, they grab it from my site :wink:

Good idea, I used to have it set up that way a few years ago. Seeing as my last successful cam upload was over 4 hours ago I have changed my cam settings to grab from a URL, turned off WU webcam upload and will see what happens.

Good thought, I may try that but they are getting the sends, it is just they’re “streaming” that is messed up. I think it’s more a WU problem than WD. Maybe server problems.


Per WU -


We’re currently experiencing problems with the webcam service, both for historical access and current views. We’re working on restoring them but it may several days or more to fix.

Please let me know if you need anything else.

Thank you,
Wunderground Support "

I see other reports of problems with the WU web cams on wxforum