Anyone have an Ultimeter 2100 working?


I downloaded the GTK version of Weather Display last night to test out with a Peet Bros. Ultimeter 2100. The Linux distribution is Xubuntu 8.10. “GoWeather” starts up WeatherD like it should (the display has some minor font problems and the dialogs lack kinda bad, but so what?), but I couldn’t get it to talk to my Ultimeter 2100. The green “data quality” indicator is on solid, and the “data received” indicator flashes from red to green, but at best I get a few bits and pieces of data (such as the temperature)… and it’s usually wrong.

My symptoms sound almost identical to the one this guy had a couple years ago: . Has anyone since successfully used an Ultimeter with WD for Linux?

I’ve tried both the “complete record” mode and the “data logging” (short, medium, and long) modes without any improvement. I’ve verified with minicom that the Ultimeter is spitting out data in the correct format (in both cases).

Troubleshooting tips would be appreciated!