Any Station in /near Goulburn, NSW, Aussie

Spent time a few months ago in Goulburn, probably the ‘poster child’ city for the extremeness of the Aussie drought, and the effect on what was prime farmlands…

I watch the 'Captains Flat" radar on a daily basis, plus the Sydney and Canberra papers have been mentioning that Goulburn has had a bit of rain. Quite a bit, one dam from empty to overflowing, one larger one, from lt 5% to about 25%, and all this because of 3 or 4 days worth of rain!

Seems there’s a significant low forming over SE Aussie, influenced by an Antarctic trough causing all this. One BOM scientist was saying el nino has now been replaced by la Nina, and the southern Oscillation is now peaking. Maybe the drought is over.

My sister in a CBR suburb has had about 50mm - roughly 2 inches in a day.

Me, I’m as dry as a bone in 118F 8%rh in the Sonoran Desert.

Are there any PWS’s in the Goulburn area? I searched google, but didn’t seem to find any


some places around Sydney have now had over 500mm for june!
thats many peoples yearly rain total!

Hi Ken

I was in Goulburn about 4 weeks ago, we were visiting my wifes sister and husband. First time I have been there and the temperature was about 6C. I don’t think anyone is running a pws in Goulbourn as I asked around while I was there.


I’m far too north from Goulburn to be of any use, Ken.

If you haven’t looked (but I bet you have) you can access the local airport information at

Tony, Dujon,

Thank you… The BOM’s figures for the airport rain is quite impressive. I’ll be passing thru there again in mid july, it’ll be interesting to see the place green again… Also interested to see if Lake George, a dry lake on the way to Canberra has filled yet.