Another Yowindow question

The “NYC” issue in Yowindow, is it possible to fix?
My yowindow is 6 hours ahead and I cant get the right time.
I have changed
else { $location_id =
‘lat: "’.round($SITE[‘latitude’],2).‘",
lon: "’.round($SITE[‘longitude’],2).‘",’;
in wsDashYowindow to

else { $location_id =
‘lat: "’.round($SITE[‘latitude’],1).‘",
lon: "’.round($SITE[‘longitude’],1).‘",’;

Just to be sure, I attach the working version of the script as used here:
It displays in all Flash supported browsers the correct time for Brussels
I works here also and it shows correct time for NJ, USA.

If you have a yowindowID you could try to use that one, but the site to find a yowindowID does not work anymore

Did you try another set of lat-lon, for instance Paris, France to see if that gives the wrong or correct time?

Maybe you should try to run yowindow stand-alone, or with a standard back-ground. (4.38 KB)

Thanks. Tried paris coordinats and it seems to be correct time now.

I have a place id but I dont think it works.
If you go to this page and write B

Speaking of Yowindow, is it ever going to get out of the Internet Dark Ages and give up using Flash?