Another website

Just thought I’d post mine up. Feedback welcome, especially ideas for adding and improving :slight_smile:

Really nice windrose and temp range charts. It is Jpgraph pro, isn’t it?

I have to learn a bit PHP :slight_smile:

I get a 404 error for the yearly charts. I love the way the charts look. If you are using JPGraph, I would like to see how you made them. I am going to force myself to learn how to use JPGraph, and could use yours as a great example.

  • Dan

Thanks for the comments! :smiley:

The wind rose is made with WRPLOT, freeware

The other graphs, including the temp range are in my own custom C# .NET software, using the zedgraph library. None of this is scripted server-side, it all runs on my PC and each page, chart, and image is uploaded by FTP at the time of creation. The web page control is a JavaScript client-side control. Zedgraph is excellent by the way, if you are into .NET…

There is no yearly graph yet - that button is ‘for expansion’ :wink:

PS I should point out that although this website is currently not using WDISPLAY, I am a long time WDISPLAY user and a big fan of the software!!! :smiley:

Just a question: how do you feed WRPLOT? Which data format?

WRPLOT accepts many formats, most of which I don’t understand. It also has it’s own custom format which is basically just a text file of times, winspeed, and wind directions. I have a C# program to take my database and make that output. There is a trick involved because WRPLOT only takes hourly data, whereas my data is each 5 mins - I use fake dates and times so I can use the full range of my data. At the moment WRPLOT cannot be scripted, but a new version my allow command line arguments.