Another clientrawextra.txt problem [Resolved]

I have started to see strange 24-hour graphs randomly appearing in Weather Graphs, SS Gauges (both wxgraphs) and FreshWDL (go to menu in page link in icon, left). The x-axis times (time.png) show overnight gaps - as if the computer was switched off overnight* - and some of the data are rubbish (see uv.png): we don’t have UV at this time of year and my station produces only integer values.

Next time I look everything is back to normal: see time2.png and uv2.png

Any suggestions?

  • I have checked to see that my client computer, which is switched off overnight, is not uploading as well. I have also restarted WD many times, in the hope that clientrawextra would be rebuilt properly, to no avail. I’m stumped. . .

NOTE: ignore the cloud base and garden temp graphs, they don’t get data from clientrawextra.

Well, I thought I had. . . but I double-checked today by shutting down client WD. Bingo! No strange data on the server. :oops:

In that WD client setup there is not a single mention of a named FTP server to upload to, and clientraw*.txt files are not being updated in wdisplay\webfiles, but the strange clientrawextra data was getting uploaded somehow.

Now I’m trying to remember any changes I might have made recently. . . the strange behaviour has not been going on long.

looking at your 24-hour graphs they have 2 days on them almost as if the midnight reset got missed

I think that’s because the data was coming from my client WD, which is shut down overnight. Have another look now. . .

ok thats looking better
have you managed to work out why your client WD is uploading is the yellow icon running when the client is
also is file #28 disabled in file creation and upload

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No, but I’ve made a few changes that seem to have stopped it :?

also is file #28 disabled in file creation and upload

Everything is disabled in file creation and upload - the main internet switch is off. 8)

Client WD gets its clientraw data from my web server, not directly (either way) from the 24/7 WD computer.

Phew, panic over - I think 8O

Switched off every web/FTP switch and deleted every unnecessary path.

The web server was down for a few days recently, so temporarily I set client WD to get clientraw direct from the weather computer. Must have done something wrong when I reversed that setting - but I have no idea what :?

BTW, the corrupt clientrawextra.txt is now being generated in client WD \webfiles - it wasn’t when I first posted. At least it’s not being uploaded now.

This is strange in itself: client WD does not generate clientraw.txt, so has anyone any idea why it generates clientrawextra.txt, clientrawhour.txt and clientrawdaily.txt?