Animation Question

Hello All,

Can Wd Animate a gif/jpg file that has not been downloaded from a web site?
What I am trying to do is animated a chart that I produce each hour with Digital Atmosphere, and then save it to the WD download directory.

Wood ant

Under view → downloaded images, just point to the image you want and then click animate.

Sorry for not repling earlier.

The Images I want to animate are place in the download folders, Tempc.jpg is its name, that is up dated each hour.
However is happening, it always shows the last image,no animation.

Any Ideas please ?

Wood Ant

It’s been a long time since I used this function…Can you post a screen grab of the setup screen so we can see what you are seeing?

Thanks for the reply.
Screen capture as requested.

please note that the image is also displayed correctly.

please see tempc.jpg

Adjusted for posting



What happens if you click on open, point to the file, and then click on the animate button? Try that, after awhile it should show the images across the bottom of that screen the next time you open it. Also, I see you have it set to animate a 2nd image, are you trying to animate 2 different images? I used to have problems getting mine setup to do 2 images. To make it work I had to re-do both setups at the same time, ie. do the first image as I described in my first sentence of this post, then do the same thing for the 2nd image. If I did both at the same time like that it would work. It can be tricky to get this function going and may take a few attempts to get it right.

I’ve listed the method I used to get the second animation in the FAQ I wrote for this. As Niko says, there can be problems getting them both going if you do them one at a time.
I would also reduce the number of images that you’re using. I’ve found the 8 is about as much as it can handle without starting to miss images.
Start with 8 and then increase that number once you know it’s working. :wink:

Thanks all,
For the replies, and I have read the FAQ etc and still my images produced with Digital Atmosphere, then written to the WD downloads directory, will not animate despite trying many settings.

I have to reopen the image each time I try to animate, and nothing shows up in the thumbnail view. Others downloaded work perfectly.
Even trying different size and formats make no difference.

Still can not animate

It sounds like the settings are not being saved if you have to point WD to the image each time.

… but what filename format are you using to have the animated file saved as? jpg, gif, png ??

Not sure if you have control over that or not. I’ve not used that function before so I am not sure.

Tried them all, same problem