Any way to slow down the speed of this gif? I have about 6 images and I’d like about 2-5 seconds on each frame. Is this possible. Thanks.

i can add that (as I already have that feature for the animated gizmo, so yes it can be done

try a new zip 10.20m download
and you can now set this speed in the web cam setup page
(and I will tidy that page up a bit by putting onto some tabs , soon

Thanks Brian, your’re the best. :smiley:

some people though most likely will have a dart board on a wall with my picture on it! 8O

Please post picture of yourself. :lol:

Anyone get this to work… to slow down the animation? I have set the ‘timer’ to 5000 and even 50,000 and the photos still rotate at their normal speed. About 3 frames a second.

note, its msec
80 is the default…
i will do some testing myself