Animated mesonet!

You can do this with version 9.90b!
Cool ah?,…I like it!

Yes, this is looking good!!! You do good work…

My only concern is that if I load the United States map, the area that is allowed makes the map squashed up. I’m still working on the image to get the alignment set properly so it won’t look like too squashed and distorted. The secret I’ve found is viewing other WD sites making sure they have the ‘raw’ data in the first line of their HTML, otherwise, you get the coding from their sites.

thanks :slight_smile:
I now have little graphs being produced, along side the data, as an option, for the last 60 readings, of temperature and windspeed (the graphs is the same size as the data box, and along side it)
so you can see other data trends
still beta testing…

Brian what about little icons, like, sunny, cloudy, rainy ? can that be possible? I know it is to much to ask.