Animated Icons


Are the animated icons supposed to be animated on the 5day forecast?
I’m just curious because on my 5day they are not. :?:

Also, when my station overrides the Metar icon, it stays superimposed over it until I shut down and restart WD. (it also still stutters and flashes)
8O ver9.89


they will animate in the program, but not as the 5day gif image
(as it taking a snap shot of the whol ehting, and grans what position the animation is in at that time)
now, someone in CA is trying to get a 5 day forecast that does not list city by city on it
is there a more state wide one he can access?

NOAA has the zone forcasts. I use caz041.txt for the Los Angeles area.
He’ll have to go to and look for the one he wants.
I don’t believe they have just one for say, “Northern California” or “Central California”. We have too many different climates for such a broad type of forecast.