Animated http file...

I have been meaning to work on allowing more
I just have not had much spare time lately
but I will see about looking into this

Ok Brian


I have done some work on this in the latest .zip update, ready now

Ok Brian thanks for that, it works a treat.


Thanks for that Brian. Works great.

Sorry to be a pain but i’m trying to animate a second image. See screenshots below.
All i get is the one latest static image.

Please point me to where i’m going wrong. I’ve named it animatedhttpfile2.gif and it is there in my server but only one image. As you can see from the screenshot, there are lots of images there ready to be animated.

Thanks, Steve

25-03-2016 13-51-02.jpg

Looking at your HTTP Download page, I think the issue is that you’re downloading the satellite image and then asking WD to upload the same image to your website as animatedhttpfile2.gif. If you remove that upload from the settings then it should create & upload the second animation on it’s own, without you needing to tell WD to upload it. At least that’s what happens with animatedhttpfile.gif.

If you haven’t found it, the FAQ is here: :wink:

Edit: I also found this page today with free animated images for us to use. :smiley:

Budgie is right, do not have a animatedhttp2.gif as a file to be uploaded in the HTTP download setup

Hello all.

I originally set up the second animation as i did the first. Unfortunately the second setup did not upload a second animatedhttpfile.gif to my server. Only the first one was there. I thought i had to give it a different name to differentiate the two.

Ok i’ll give it another go tomorrow and report back.

Hello Budgie yes i’ve seen those images but they seem to be lower quality than the ones i want to use. When blown up in size, they become grainy.

Thanks both.

They look grainy on the setup page on Sat24 but once they’re on your website they look fine.

I setup the rainfall radar, visible satellite and IR satellite animation images for my own page earlier today and here’s the result:

Ok, setup is now back to same as image1 setup.(different link and filename) Still can’t see animatedhttpfile.gif it on my server for setup2 Only the animatedhttpfile.gif from setup1. See screenshots below. It doesn’t look as though it’s getting uploaded somehow. Did i miss a tickbox somewhere else in Wd? that would affect this.

I can see the incremental images under view downloaded images but nothing on my server.


25-03-2016 13-51-02.jpg

26-03-2016 13-20-44.png

Are you making two animated gif’s with the same downloaded image, as I can only see one image in the download setup page?

If you are, then it may be worth trying a different image in case WD is trying to access the image for both animations at the same time and that’s stopping the second one from being created.

Ok Budgie thanks.

No it’s 2 different images, one of europe (no1 setup working great) and another of the uk(no2 setup not uploading to my server). Both have different grab addresses. One i’ve called sat24.gif for europe and sat24uk.gif for uk. See below.

I was wondering also whether it’s a time issue. Both are set to download at the same time, every 15 minutes. Perhaps it’s messing with Wd’s internals.

I’ll adjust the download on the second setup to see.


You could have both images downloaded from the same setup screen, instead of using two. Just add the second URL to the list and put in the local file name. It doesn’t solve your problem but it simplifies things a little. :wink:

Sadly, my WD is shut down at the moment as I’m about to move house so I can’t try a second animation. When you say it’s not uploading the second GIF to your server, is it creating it in your WD/webfiles folder?

When you say it's not uploading the second GIF to your server, is it creating it in your WD/webfiles folder?
good question

wow Budgie , moving house…far?

Fort William, in the shadow of Ben Nevis.
So back to the mainland, less wind but more snow, rain, lightning and midgies!! #-o


No sign of the second animatedhttpfile.gif in webfiles folder. Only the file from setup 1.

All the images are being downloaded but for some reason, the animation is not being created.

Also attached latest ftplog


28-03-2016 13-47-08.jpg

I will do some testing here

I have fixed this in the latest .zip update, ready now

Ok Brian…that fixed it. Top man as usual.


the latest update now shows the animation of the image under view, downloaded images :wink:
and I have created a youtube video