Animated http file?

Hi Brian
Since installing v9.31b I have lost the animated http image at both stations.
It defaults to the weather display image even after I reinstall the animated
8O :? :?:

there was a bug with the new ftp program, but i fixed that now ( a few verisons ago)
its workign OK for me,so not sure whats going wrong for you

hi all,

vers 9.31b
don’t know what going on here with my config…

ftp gets out of bount uploading my mainscreen (what does that mean btw, out of bount :?: )
my normal webpages has 2x summary and 2x trends in his page on a place where i had other pictures.

knowing Brian has his father in law hunting him and my own struggle with text in wxlocal, for this moment I went back to 9.27e the last vers that didn’t get my any suprises. ( I think Brian is doing the work now his family likes to do :lol: )

So timeout for a while ?

list index out of bounds might occur if a file is not found
which might have occured with the directory shifty i got you to do?
try going back to the old directory

Brian fixed the animated http file problem by reselecting the file & starting it animating again-as you suggested. Thanks.
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

becuase there was a error, i did a few improvements to the routine, before i discovered the error was actualy in the ftp program…and those “improvements” must have upset it

is the daily rain list ok now in the averages/extreme?

Can’t really answer that one until I can get it to do the update to
the November2002.htm by itself.
At the present time I have to get it to update using

its been working for me auto…
note, for a 9am reset, the day is always the day before …
i.e at 10 am on the 19th, it will say averages/extremes to the 18th

ops, there was a bug in itroduced after a program restart for the animated downloaded sat pic (http file download)
fixed in a new 9.32e
not a good week