Alternative Dashboard - testtags issue

Mornings folks,

I have been having a problem getting testtags to update. I recently started using the Alternative Dashboard and I believe since that time, it has not worked. I have tried all the suggestions listed here and no luck. It IS updating here on the computer, but not to the website. Trends-inc.html is updating.

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John Sacrey

If you have Version 2.00+ of the templates, then the trends-inc.html is no longer needed (or used).

If it’s updating testtags.php in c:\wdisplay\webfiles with your current conditions, then I think you’ll just need to add an upload schedule to it by using the Internet File Creation, File#29, Set and put the upload time schedule to be the same as the creation schedule.

You should also check c:\wdisplay\webfiles\testtags.txt to make sure it still has %WDVARS% in it … some folks have inadvertently overwritten the file with a substituted version.

Also, check the custom file creation page and make sure all the filenames there have no trailing spaces in them … that can confuse the process.

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Thanks Ken. Is has been updating testtags.php here on my machine, but hasn’t loading for it for some strange reason. The %WDVARS% isn’t in the latest download of testtags.txt (version 1.06) that I got from this website. Where do I need to insert it at?

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John Sacrey

Sorry, I may have confused you with the ‘%WDVARS%’ reference … it wasn’t a specific WD tag, it is just a generic text shortcut to represent any WD tag which has the format %%.

What I meant was to suggest you look at the testtags.txt file and make sure it has entries like

// General OR Non Weather Specific/SUN/MOON
// ========================================
$time =  '%time%';	// current time
$date =  '%date%';	// current date
$sunrise =  '%sunrise%';	// sun rise time (make sure you have the correct lat/lon
// 		            in view/sun moon)
$time_minute =  '%time-minute%';	// Current minute
$time_hour =  '%time-hour%';	// Current hour
$date_day =  '%date-day%';	// Current day
$date_month =  '%date-month%';	// Current month

in it, and NOT something like

// General OR Non Weather Specific/SUN/MOON
// ========================================
$time =  '8:35 PM';	// current time
$date =  '07/24/09';	// current date
$sunrise =  '6:07 AM';	// sun rise time (make sure you have the correct lat/lon
// 		            in view/sun moon)
$time_minute =  '35';	// Current minute
$time_hour =  '20';	// Current hour
$date_day =  '24';	// Current day
$date_month =  '07';	// Current month

which would indicate that the testtags.txt file had been through the substitution process with WD and overwritten with the (then current) values for the weather variables.

If your c:\wdisplay\webfiles\testtags.txt looks like the first code example AND your c:\wdisplay\webfiles\testtags.php looks like the second example (with your data, and the date/time inside look current), THEN you’re right… WD is creating the file correctly.

Now it’s time to check the FTP logs to see if it’s on the agenda for upload and whether there are any error messages associated with testtags.php. If it’s not in the FTP log, then try using the Custom Internet Files, File#29, Set and set an upload schedule for it.

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Hi Ken,

Yep I got confused, but no problem. The testtags.php is updating here on my machine every minute and IS updating on the server from what I can see using Filezilla to look at the directory. Now with that said, I have a question. Shouldn’t I be able to look at the testtags.php on the website and see what is in there? I say that because when I go to my website and try to look at the file directly, it is a blank page. Hope that makes sense. What led me to all of this was trying to use the Hi, Low, Avg. plugin and it hardly had any info. show up in it.

Thanks for the help,

John :slight_smile:

You mean like this??

Thanks Mark,

I should have know that. I’ve had my (DOH!!) moment for the day.


Hi John,

I’m glad the file is updating on WD and on the website. Since testtags.php only contains assignment statements for WD weather tags to PHP variable names and no print/echo statement, it’s quite normal to see a blank page in your browser when you just browse to

To see the contents, you have to add a bit to the URL to invoke the self-downloader I’d put in the script … use:

and it will show you the current ‘insides’ of the testtags.php on your website.

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Edit: Thanks Mark for being quick on the enter key :slight_smile:

LOL… I didn’t see you there. Normally if I see you in a thread, I just wait for you to respond.