Alternative ajaxWDwx.js Script v 9.14

This is how mine is:

<script type="text/javascript" src="ajaxWDwx-packed.js"></script>
<!-- AJAX updates by Ken True - 13-Dec-2006 -->

Just make sure you edit ajaxWDwx-settings.js to suit your settings for units, paths, etc.

Also, if you’ve made any changes to the ajaxwdwx file, but you’re pointing in top.php to the packed version of the file, you’ll need to take the modified unpacked file and repack it, then copy those contents over to the packed file, or else the changes are for naught.

Um, no. That’s the specific reason for having ajaxWDwx-settings.js, so you can use IT for your settings, and not have to mess around with ajaxWDwx.js or ajaxWDwx-packed.js.

You didn’t read.

In some cases you MUST modify the main js file. If you do that, then you will be required to repack.

Not all settings are accessible in the settings js. I know. I’ve messed with it for two months now.

I said if you 've made changes to the js file. I’ve added some ajax tags in there. I don’t believe you can do that in settings file now, can you?

My mistake. Since you didn’t say WHAT kind of changes in the ajaxWDwx.js file, I assumed you were speaking of the type of changes 99% of people would make,and those being just what would be done to allow it’s use without the ajaxWDwx-settings.js.


Hopefully Rainer will eventually find the time to come back to this wonderfull script. Here are a couple problems I’m having, one with a possible solution.

  1. “ajaxlightningdist” does not round the distance to lightning strike either in US or Metric units. Possible solution was to change line 2069 from…
set_ajax_obs("ajaxlightningdist",lighteningdistance +' '+ uom.Dist);


set_ajax_obs("ajaxlightningdist",lighteningdistance .toFixed(dp.Dist) +' '+ uom.Dist);

  1. “gizmouvword” does not appear to be functioning. The gizmo UV background color changes correctly, but the text is always 0 LOW.


Well I am late to this thread, but I have been watching with interest as any simplification of the ajax update etc is most welcolmed by me.

I have downloaded the scripts and support files and put up a developement site, now to try the implementation (shudder I suspect I am in for some late sessions workingoit all out)

Hopefully there will be some sort of abc guide somewhere that someone has created which I stumble on or you good people point me at.

I kind of had a 1-2-3 guide myself.

  1. Break it with my edits.

  2. Put it back the way it was.

  3. Try again.

:smiley: :smiley:

Hi Mark, I see you got your time working. May I ask how?

In your dashboard script towards the top, see if yours matches this…

<td class="data1" colspan="3" style="text-align: center">
      <span class="ajax" id="ajaxindicator"><?php langtrans('Updated'); ?>:</span>
      <span class="ajax" id="ajaxdate2">
            <?php echo date("m/d/Y @ g:i:s a",$updTime); ?>

Mine matches that exactly… :frowning:
It starts as the right time format, but then ajax kicks in and changes it to 24 hr time.

does this part match too?

<span class="ajax" id="ajaxntimess">&nbsp;</span>
      <script type="text/javascript"><!--
         document.write(' <small><i>(<span id="ajaxcounter">0</span>&nbsp;<?php langtrans('sec ago'); ?>)</i></small>');
      <?php if ($ajaxDebug) { // FOR DEBUGGING \\ ?>

      [<span class="ajax" id="ajaxupdatecount"></span> of
       <span class="ajax" id="ajaxmaxupdatecount"></span> updates]&nbsp;&nbsp;
      [State: <span class="ajax" id="ajaxState"></span>]&nbsp;&nbsp;
      [Status: <span class="ajax" id="ajaxStatus"></span>]&nbsp;&nbsp;
      [Progress: <span class="ajax" id="ajaxProgress">N/A IN PACKED VERSION</span>]
      <?php } ?>

That part does as well, Mark! I must have missed something somewhere, I just can’t figure out where it might be!
Even when I first reload the page before the ajax kicks in, the UV shows to the decimal point and when the ajax refreshes it goes to no decimal point. Very strange!!
Thank you for your help!

Want to try a copy of my dashboard script?

Sure, I can at least compare it to mine… Thank you! My email is [email protected]

Nope! Same thing! It must be somewhere in the settings, or somewhere else having to do with the ajax settings…
Thanks man!

Me too Me Too Yes please


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