Alternate Ajax Dashboard.....No wind graphic..

I just installed the alternate dashboard. The only problem I am having is the wind graphic is not showing and the Davis forecast isn’t displayed. any ideas???

It’s looking for the wind rose graphics in a folder named ajax-images.
Do you have those graphics in another folder?

I believe that is where the images have been all along, even with the original ajax script. I did notice that they show on my win XP laptop, but not on my W7 or Vista machine. :?

You have the gif images there,

but not the .jpg versions.

I just realised that and changed the ajax files to use .png files instead of .jpg. That is fixed now.

Yep, working now.

Ran into the same problem today.

What file did you make the change in? I have been looking for it and cannot find a file that is asking for a jpg image?


line 118:

$wrType   = '.png';      // extension of the graphic filename

line 125

$wrCalm   = 'wr-calm.png';  // set to full name of graphic for calm display ('wr-calm.gif')

Also the ajaxWDwx.js:
line 72

var wrType   = '.png';      // extension of the graphic filename


var wrCalm   = 'wr-calm.png';  // set to full name of graphic for calm display ('wr-calm.gif')

Note that I use the .png image but you only need to change the .png or .gif to .jpg.

Perfect!! That fixed it. Thanks for the help.

Actually another big thank you to everyone that has helped.