All Time Reports

Your all time reports do actually record this since the WD log commenced, but is there a way you can have an alternative included as all time report screen as per a monthly log. So therefore, this will be written say for October and then will automatically saved at the end of the month and commence with a new log for November, etc, etc.

Also, is there a way that this screen could be placed as an image to allow me to import into Frontpage before I send to my website.

Know doubt you have already done this and I don’t know how to set it up this end. If so, please could you give “thicko” here in the UK a step by step instruction.

hi andy
the records for the current month are available as custom tags…
which you could add to a custom web page
and are vieweable when you got view, averages/extreme
but i could do a image like i have done for all time records just for the current month

That would be great if you could incorporate that too.

Your software is getting better, and better each time you release another update. I am going to try to upload WD files onto my website shortly. Would the defaults as already included to produce the files give me a basic starting point or do I need to customise further to display a basic screen. I ask you this as my first attempt of uploading wasn’t very succesful, but I gather since you have now upgraded the FTP part of the software, some of the problems may have ben resolved, but I haven’t got enough time to try it out.