All time records


I just noticed that my all time records for the month has not updated on my webpage since July. It might be going on with the other one, too but I don’t think we’ve had any records since.

The FTP log shows it is going up on schedule and when I check it under View, the monthly gif is September like it should be. Any idea?

Just a thought Jim, mine is working fine. Have you checked under Set-up/customise file creation and then go to File#13 on advanced internet settings. My overide switch is on plus I have ticked the box in the “use each minute setting” sited under the overide switch.

I’m not using the custom file setup. The override is off.

I want to try this again, I’m running out of hair to pull out!

I have two independent WD setups running and neither is doing the 12:02 AM update of the all time records gif’s (2) in Webfiles. My longest running setup last updated the files at 12:02 AM on July 8, 2003 and the other setup is relatively new (month and half, max) and has [/u]never[u] updated those files.

Since others are posting current gifs, [/u]I must be doing something wrong. On 7/8, I think I upgraded the version, did something change around then? Under Setup, Display units…, I am set for a midnight update of files. Is there another toggle somewhere that changed 7/8? Brain has looked at my ini files and not seen anything.
Thanks all,

i will use the settings you last sent me and say what happens when i set to midnight…

i just tested
set the time to just before midnight
with your settings you sent me jim
and the file was updated in the webfiles folder at 2 minutes past midnight as it should

but i did fix the bug in the wdisplay.ini file i told you about
i.e the 52 (box box) is not a valid integer error when you go to view, averages/extreme

i.e its in the wdisplay.ini file, in the rain chart section

i will now try it without fixing up your ini file

ERROR: '52

ok, i have not made it more roubust to handle corruption like that
for the next version
(i.e i have tested and it got past that error in your wdisplay.ini file)