All time records issues


Some more strange stuff!

Coldest night (6pm to 6am) is always reporting warmer temperatures than Coldest day (6am to 6pm).

e.g Open All Time Records, Push “This month” and it says

Coldest night -3.8C at 06:59 on 02 Dec 2002
Coldest day -7.0C at 07:29 on 07 December 2002.

There is no way that the coldest day was colder than the coldest night!
Something does not add up here!

Here are the actual highs/lows from the NOAA style report
02 03.6 11.7 14:00p -05.1 05:29a 14.7 00.0 00.0 00.5 13.0 13:21p SSW
03 03.5 12.2 14:37p -02.8 23:59p 14.8 00.0 00.0 00.6 12.0 12:13p N
04 -01.3 01.7 11:48a -03.4 06:40a 19.6 00.0 18.0 00.1 09.0 14:13p N
05 00.2 00.5 13:00p -00.4 00:00a 18.1 00.0 24.0 00.0 00.0 23:59p NW
06 -04.2 03.0 13:00p -05.1 23:59p 22.5 00.0 00.0 00.0 00.0 23:59p WNW
07 -01.2 09.0 14:44p -07.2 07:13a 19.5 00.0 02.0 00.0 08.0 10:18a W

When I look at the Warmest night/day they seem reversed too - my warmest all time day was 33.7C but my warmest all time night was 37.5.
I know I live on the other side of the world, but nights are usually colder than days here!

My coldest day is a whole lot colder than my coldest night.

Here’s another anomaly. At the end of my year to date all time records it contains the following lines:

Warmest December temperature: 27.0

I went into the log files and found values all over the place some before, after, duplicated, months that have passed.

So I manually cleaned them out. I did find the maximum gust time and reset the date and time .

I have a question. Do you use 24 hour time or 12 hour time? and have you switched recently? Just a hunch.

The errors might be that data is re-read from the data logger after a new version is loaded as the origninal data and that is where some of the error might be. The time thing seems something to do with time conversin between the datalogger, computer and WD. Check to see that they are all the same time and let me know

I’m not using a data logger. I have not changed times from 12 to 24 anytime recently. I didn’t have the time problem until 9.39e.

Can you revert back to the last version it did work, correct the log file? and go through the wdisplay.ini to see if there is an error there?

the warmest day/coldest night thing i have noticed meself

i have looked in the code , but couldnt figure out why
i will have to look again me thinks

the all time record high/low temp for a month is stored in the wdisplay.ini file, and is therefore separate to the log files, and is updated when that temperature occurs
you can reset/set under action, enter your own all time record values

Below is what is in my WDisplay.INI file. I can manually fix the errors.

[Record monthly high temp]
aug year=2002
sep year=2002
oct year=2002
nov year=2002
dec year=2002
jan year=2002
feb year=2002
mar year=2002
apr year=2002
may year=2002
jun year=2002
jul year=2002
sep day=22
oct day=5
nov day=10
dec day=3
[Record monthly low temp]
aug year=2002
oct year=2002
nov year=2002
dec year=2002
jan year=2002
feb year=2002
mar year=2002
apr year=2002
may year=2002
jun year=2002
jul year=2002
sep year=2002
sep day=2002
oct day=31
nov day=29
dec day=7