All time record alarms

I came in to see the Alarm LED on the WD console flashing red. I clicked on it expecting to see a red LED on the all time record display, but all the LEDs were green. However, I have had two all time records since I last used WD.

The records were Record High Temperature and Record High Heat Index.

Interestingly the High Temp was 27.3degC which is pretty amazing considering our average temp for mid-April is supposed to be between 6 and 13degC!

I also have had the alarm flashing but no actual item flashing red


hey, i have figured out the no flashing alarm problem, after it happended to me, after heavy rain overnight (68mm) the alarm to flash is reset on the hour! it has been like that since year dot. i was also set individual timers for each alarm to reset 1 hour later, instead of on the hour.. i have fixed that now, for the next version

Since the above post (some time ago),
I also have seen the alarm flashing but have not been able to locate the alarm. This past week I think.

Same here, sometimes I can see which item is causing the alarm, other times no leds are “alarming”. Also got a record heat index today of 83F which is interesting as the max temp today was 52F with clouds and rain. Using V9.72.

Orig 1-Wire, Rain, Humidity, multiple temp sensors…