All day video not creating

Hi All,

My all day video and hourly video has stopped creating in WD. Even whan I click the create all day video now etc it wont work. Has anyone else had this issue?

what version/build of WD?

Hi Brian,

I have just downloaded the most recent update thinking this may fix the issue but it hasnt. You can see the videos here

Its doing the same thing as these are doing locally even when i do a “create all day video now” button click in WD.

not sure what you mean by that last sentence?

Hi Mate,

Like the attached.

Capture 1.PNG

that still does not explain what you mean by doing the same thing…what same thing exactly?
there is a moviemakerlog.txt too
what shows in that
(and I presume you have moviemaker.exe …check that exists)

Hi Brian,

By same thing I mean online, on the video link i posted the videos are doing the same thing locally (on my computer) as on my webpage. What I mean is in troubleshooting, this seems to be a WD issue rather than a webpage or uploading issue. Even when i click the create all day video now it creates a video that is 0mins long and very small. See attached.

This was all working well upto 4 or 5 days ago. I have the moviemaker.exe program but cant find that log file you speak of.

Have you checked to see if you have a corrupted picture or a corrupted all day video, mine has stopped working a few times & it turns out to be a corrupted time stamped jpeg/all day video.


yes, I would try deleting all the time stamped files used

Hi Guys,

I deleted all the time stamped images and the videos but to no avail!

check the moviemakerlog.txt file for any clues

Hi Brian,

I cant find/dont have that log file anywhere in WD file.

you will need to enable it
goto control panel click webcam then find the new all day video tab and tick the produce moviemakerlog bottom right of page

Please have a look at the log file. I cant see anything is the issue but still having the same issue.

moviemakerlog.txt (33.3 KB)

FrameInput [Canvas] read frame #61
#17980.4: [libx264 @ 03EC4780] non-strictly-monotonic PTS (repeated 59 times)
#17980.4: [mp4 @ 03EC3540] Non-monotonous DTS in output stream 0:0; previous: 0, current: 0; changing to 1. This may result in incorrect timestamps in the output file.
FrameInput [Canvas] read frame #62

that does not look normal

try deleting the time stamped files so that they get recreated maybe

Hi Brian,

thanks for the help on this, I have deleted all the timestamped files but to no avail. As you can see its still having issues.

Apart from deleting those files is there anything else I should be doing?

what changed on your end when this problem started?

Hi Brian,

This annoys me when people say this to me as i install telemetry for a living but nothing has changed my end, that I know if anyway.

maybe something to do with change to day light saving?

Hi Brian,

No we are not on DLS. What sorts of things could cause this? Then I can troubleshoot some more on my own.