AJAX Website Template and adding daily weather conditions to monthly report

I am thinking of switching over to a Weather Display/PHP/AJAX Website Template. At the moment I have the current daily weather conditions included on the monthly repots from WD Input Daily Weather/ current text/Warnings input , Looking at the demo webpages I don’t see any inclusion of this function. is it possible, I have a very basic knowledge of PHP etc, hope to get better

Its not in the current extractor, but it shouldn’t be hard to add.

They keyword is the first line: Any Special weather conditions for the day:

The following line is the conditions.

However, looking at your June2009.htm file, it appears your data is not consistent.

[b]Day 4 has:[/b] Any Special weather conditions for the day: Overcast and cold

Consistent with most entries… but

`Day 5 has:
Any Special weather conditions for the day:

Heavy overcast with heavy rain pm`

Has two lines, one with the — and the other with the comment.

That makes processing a lot more difficult (more rules).

Also, some days have no entry, which is not as difficult though.

The — seems to appear when your trying to catch up on entries missed, I could probably edit that out on the text file at the end of each month, or be a bit more careful with my input. I would be quite happy to make a donation to have this facility added at some stage