Ajax script and History weather report

Hi guys,
i’ve some problems with history weather report.
Why January and february reports no works in my webpage?
The files January2008.htm and February2008.htm are in wdisplay\webfiles directory.
Where is the error?
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Because Jan and Feb are not in English and your other months are


Opss…but i don’t remember how to translate it.
Could you help me please?

Edit: 10.04: I’ve found the topic and i’ve resolved partially my problem.
Partially because some monthly reports begins from 17th and not from 1th day.
Thanks in advance,


You can always regenerate the monthly reports by using WD, View, Averages/Extremes, Recreate the web av/ext page TAB

Select the month, year and press Reset the web page averages/extreme, close the panel, the reopen it for the next month.

Then manually upload the [month][year].htm files from your c:\wdisplay\webfiles directory to your website.

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