ajax/php pages with internet explorer

Making good progress on my new site but just noticed that when I use IE to view the pages some data shows an underline and there’s a strange character in the gizmo. Works fine with no issues in FireFox. See image.

You have a small HTML error in your header.php page. It currently reads

      <h1 class="headerTitle">
        <a href="index.php" title="Browse to homepage"><img src="glwbanner.png" width="780" height="115" border="none"</a>

and should have a closing /> on the tag like this

      <h1 class="headerTitle">
        <a href="index.php" title="Browse to homepage"><img src="glwbanner.png" width="780" height="115" border="none" /></a>

Various browsers do strange things when a HTML error is encountered… IE tends to be less forgiving than FF :slight_smile:

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#-o And I thought it was a css thing… Thanks much Ken! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome Bill.

It looks like FF ‘closes’ an unclosed tag when it sees the next tag start, so it (by default) closed the tag before processing the following tag.

IE apparently uses the next closing /> to close the image tag, so it left the tag open, so all following info was part of the (now unclosed) , so all text and graphics appeared with highlighting for the address tag (which is an underline). The ‘funny character’ at the start of the gizmo was really a 1px wide blank .gif used to control the height of the rotating conditions … normally invisible, but highlighted when inside a (bogus) tag.

Always a good thing to click on the XHTML-1.0 validation link at the bottom of the page when you see something weird like that … the first error reported is the one to fix, then retry the validation and work through the errors one at a time from the first listed one, until the page shows as valid :slight_smile:

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I’m having a display problem with IE too, would you mind looking at my page and advising how to fix the display problem I have where the ajax-dashboard is displaying too far down the screen? It works fine in FF ? I have a few hundred validation errors when I click the validate xhtml link but I dont know how to fix them …


Looks fine in IE7, same as FF3

Hi Ian,
Like Mike said… looks fine in IE7 and FF3 for me too.

Regarding the 147 validation errors, the main things to correct are:

  1. make sure each tag is ‘closed’, either with a or for tags like and
    make sure they are written as <img … /> and

  2. for all the tags, make sure there’s an alt=“…” attribute.
    that should clear up the majority of the validation errors.

You’ve embedded the WD/AJAX/PHP template HTML inside an existing template, so there are multiple instances of blocks and a missing at the top of the page, and multiple instances of at the bottom of the page. To be a valid page, it has to have the structure:

.... ....

The WD/AJAX/PHP templates have a complete set of HTML in them, so you’ll need to edit the top.php and footer.php to move required elements into your overall template if you want to have the page validate (since it’s causing many of the misplaced elements cited by the validator).

Hope this helps…
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Thanks Mike and Ken, The IE “issue” must be related to my PC only as I have now tried it with other PC’s and it displays properly …

I’ll try your suggestions Ken re validation, I like idea of putting my enclosing script inside the header/footer …