Ajax help with saratoga template

I re-done my site back in april with the latest saratoga template.
However, something isn’t quite right and i am not sure where to look , i am sure there are people here that will know exactly where i need to be.

basically, my site is updating fine with realtime data, but there are a few aspects that seem fixed or do not update.

For example, i am currently in July, but on the page is saying there was 1 day of rain in April.
Gust for the month was 27mph on April 4
Top temperature yesterday was 25.4c (no it wasn’t).


I am guessing its a clientraw file or something that is located right in teh settings, where do i change this, and am i likely to be right with that?


It looks like the issue is your testtags.php is ‘stale’… last uploaded

$time =  '22:50 PM';	// current time
$date =  '24/04/11';	// current date

Do the setup in WD to have the testtags.txt processed into testtags.php regularly and the out-of-date aspects should be corrected.

Best regards,

Ok, had testtags.php and testtags.txt set to update every minute, but it seem to not work, set it to update every 5 minutes and all is well now.

Thanks, that was simple in the end :slight_smile:

While i have you ear, can i ask a question?

I want to add a page on my site with energy data on it, (what i am using etc…).
HOw easy is it to achieve this with WD tag’s? Do i need to add the tags to testtags files to get it onto the net?

Oh and thanks for the diagnostic on the site :slight_smile:

Hi Stuart,

I’m not sure that WD has tags for energy usage available. What is the source of your energy data? Does the monitor for the energy data have the ability to create a small text file with current energy usage (if so, that file could be uploaded by WD as a text file, and some easy PHP could parse and post the data to your website directly… no testtags.txt change would be needed).

Please elaborate on the energy monitor system and it’s data publishing capabilities.

Best regards,

its a currentcost meter, Brian has added some tags for it over the past month or so.
It is connected to my PC and WD takes the data
Its only an idea at present, something i am more likely to do in the autumn/winter months anyway

Ahh… I haven’t been keeping up with the new tags … I see that Brian has added
Detailed climate data extra tags

%slr1%…Max Solar for day 1
%slr2%…Max Solar for day 2 (repeat up to day 31)
%suv1%…Max UV for day 1
%suv2%…Max UV for day 2 (repeat up to day 31)
%slrp1%…Total Solar power for day 1 (kwh)
%slrp2%…Total Solar for day 2 (repeat up to day 31) (kwh)

Current Cost data

%currentcostch1% …watts
%current2costch1% …transmitter2 ,watts
%currentcosthistoryhour%…hours ago for that history data
%currentcostdailytotal1%…WD calculated daily history channel 1 (kwh)
%currentcostdailytotal2%…WD calculated daily history channel 2 (kwh)
%currentcostdailytotal3%…WD calculated daily history channel 3 (kwh) tags… are these the ones you need?

Just FYI he also added some other accumulated solar tags.

%yeartodatesolarhrs%…Year to date kwh (if you have solar sensor)
%monthtodatesolarhrs%…Month to date kwh (if you have solar sensor)
%todaysolarhrs% " for today

yeah, they are pretty much the ones, cant see much missing there.
I only have the one transmitter on my currentcost setup at the moment.