AirNow Aqi Maps Retired? (No Map Available)

So have the old AirNow AQI maps been retired? They haven’t been updated in at least 3 days now. I always see in the map “No Map Available”. Anyway, I found that using the interactive map works quite well in an iframe, just center the map on the area you want, set the Monitors and Contours options, select the basemap you want, put the URL in an iframe, do a little resizing to fit your web page and you should be good to go. Nice thing about using the interactive map is, it has the current, forecast, and loops options so no need for the extra maps. You can see what the interactive map looks like on my AQI page here


After the AirNow site stopped linking to these maps a couple of months ago, I suspected this change was in the works. Sure enough, as of Friday, August 5, these maps stopped being created by AirNow. The script I created to display them stopped being useful, so I sought out an alternative. It turns out that the AirNow site has developed a new display for the AQI maps, In order to use this site with a full continental US map at startup DO NOT ALLOW IT TO LEARN YOUR LOCATION. Otherwise it will display your local pinpoint data. I prefer to get the big picture. Rather than pointing to the now deprecated AQI script, my menu now points to the AirNow US map. This site has a tab for Looping the images, so while getting there is different and the display isn’t quite the same, it’s still possible to see a regional or local loop by zooming in.

AirNow also has a ‘Fire and Smoke’ overlay that’s quite interesting: Unfortunately I still have to block my location each time I load this page, or you can just wait a few seconds for the Local Query to clear after which the national map appears.

The Airnow AQI regional maps are once again being created! I’ve restored the to my scripts page, although I didn’t modify the date the zip was last updated (2021/06/22) so you’ll have to seek it out in order to get it.

I do like these maps. :smiley: