Air-Quality-Index Davis Airlink to low value in dashboard ** Solved **

Hi there

We’re in the midst of some bad air quality here. I just checked my pws and saw that it is still showing “Good” when it should be “Poor”

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Your sensor data is in array[5] of your wl .com v2api data:

The sensor is transmitting the data as [aqi_type] => UK COMEAP Daily AQI
And that aqi-type returns the aqi as

[aqi_val] => 7.2910447

So as this script was one of the first versions, it assumes the data is in EPA , the “world-standard” EPA
It simply used the Davis-calculated value to display. And that is correct as long as the sensor is set to “EPA”

The more recent versions understand also EEA for Europe and use the base-data not the Davis calculated AQI.
But that needs two “2009”-release scripts to be changed extensively.
The calculations for a new standard are not trivial either. So that will certainly take more time after March 8.

For now, maybe you can switch the sensor back to report in EPA