advforecast2 question

Just got the page up and getting a warning. Don’t know if this is normal with the NWS and will correct next forecast.
“Warning: filemtime() [function.filemtime]: stat failed for forecast.txt in /virtual/users/e16550-17805/web/advforecast2.php on line 166”
Everything looks good but the warning.
Thanks again, Doug

Check to see if the file ‘forecast.txt’ exists in your root directory (I believe for you e-rice users ‘web’ is root for your website). That message is a function php/linux uses to check the status of a file. It would return that error if the file doesn’t exist. If it doesn’t, create an empty file with that name and upload it to your server.

BigOkie is right, you don’t appear to have a forecast.txt so create and upload an empty file with that name and set the permissions to make it writeable.

Tried the “forecast.txt” and retured with:

Forecast blank? Force Update

National Weather Service Forecast for:
Issued by:

Forecast from NOAA-NWS for

Set “permissions” ??? help again!

What are you using to upload your files to your webserver? You need to make forecast.txt writeable. If you’re using something like Filezilla, then right click on the forecast.txt file in the pane, select ‘properties’ and click every box marked ‘write’.

Should be good now, you just have to add ?force=1 to the end of the URL and that forces an update.

The forecast.txt has been written so the permissions are OK.

Yep, looks like it worked. Not sure if I was the first to do a ‘force’, but it’s not returning that error.

Maybe I’ll write up a little tutorial on what is expected of posters when they ask a question in here (minimum info, like hosted locally or remotely, what OS if known, etc, etc). Plus I might write one up on the different FTP clients and how to set permissions (if your hosting service allows that, some of the cheap ones do not).

Thanks for the replies. You guys are just to smart for me. I never seem to get anything to work with help without bugging half the board. I give up.
Well with everyones help it is now working.

If you were bugging us, we wouldn’t respond. We were all there at one time. What I want to do is make sure new members and those people who feel like web novices have enough information to not feel like their asking 100 questions to solve one problem. I’ve been there before, believe me.