Advanced Internet Settings

Having pored over countless previous posts I am quite confused about these setting. So would someone please be kind enough to answer these questions.

  1. What is the function of the “use the each minute setting (time override)” check box?
  2. What is the function of the “use the 1 minute” check box?
  3. What does switching the “Override OFF/ON” do?
  4. Why do some files not have the “1 minute” check box?

the 1 minute setting enabled you to quickly and easily tick the 1 minute override setting to get those files (that individualy have the 1 minute setting ticked) to update every 1 minute
e.g during severe weather

re override, do you mean the main override switch?

thats it…override of the setup
instead of all the files selected in the webfiles setup being uploaded at the times set in the upload times in the ftp/internet setup

Sorry if I seem a bit dumb but I’m still finding this difficult.
For example if I choose to have file #17 Autoscale Graphs uploaded I set that as shown below and the set the file create and upload times as shown in the second screen shot.
Now it appears that the files are created but not uploaded.
Does the Override Switch have to be on? I would have thought not as it is not overriding the create/upload times.

On a similar matter the Battery Status gif is not being uploaded.

WD10.37 Build 20
Win XP Pro

yes the override switch needs to be on for any thing to happen to any file (its an overall override)

Okay I think that is working now but I need to run some more checks.
May I suggest that the label Override for the switch is perhaps not the best as I’m not sure what it actually overriding. Perhaps something like Advanced Uploads On/Off - or am I just being thick? #-o

BTW - I’m still not getting the Battery Status uploaded although the file is generated.

I think that I’ve now got it. #-o

If the Override Switch is on then the normal upload settings are ignored and only the files checked in Advanced Internet Settings are uploaded.
Is taht right? :?