adjest side of carterlake

hi everyone,
I been workkng on the carterlake templates
i add the forecast php script but now if you look at the image were i have the red dot how can move the bar an extend the top
Thanks Beau

much easier to look at your actual page than a picture of it. This allows seeing the HTML and the CSS you are using to see if there are errors etc…

Hi Ken
The only thing i have done is add the code for the forecast images
under h3 forecast Beau (6.34 KB)

Well, without being able to see the page…

I’d say you’ve added an element which is wider than the other elements in the page.

If you cut the forecast down to say… 3 or 4 forecast elements instead of trying to display all of them, the page should look ok again.

Otherwise, I’m sure the page displays just fine at say 1400x1200 :lol:

Hi Tom, I was trying to make it look like this

here is mine

Both look OK to me…

I think he fixed it.

ken, take a look at it at 800 by 600 an you will se the problem
how can i fix it Beau

Hi Beau,

I think the only way to fix it is what Tom (carterlake) said above … remove some icons in the forecast display.

You can fit 4 icons on the page in 800x600 resolution. 6 icons will overflow the page layout and look strange in various browsers, since the images are ‘incompressable’ in the layout.

Cut back to 4 icons and it should display fine on 800x600 and above resolutions.

Best regards,

ok so there no way to make it wider

If you want it to be viewable at 800x600, then you can only show 4 forecast icons on the page. If you view the page with 4 forecast icons on it at a higher screen size (1024x768 or 1280x1024), the template automatically expands to fill the full width of the page in the browser.

So, I don’t understand quite what you want when you say “make it wider”. The template auto-adjusts to fill the browser width available.


Hi Ken,
when i look at it on 800 by 600 and scroll all the way to the right
it looks like there is room to move border to the right Beau

With 6 forecast icons, the smallest horizontal width a browser can have without deforming is 897px … when the browser window is smaller than that, the CSS tries to format it the best it can, but it’s too wide to be viewed correctly in 800x600 mode. If you want it to be viewable without deformation, the total width has to be less than 800 px wide, so you need to remove two of the forecast icons.

Sorry… it’s just the way that it works. Can’t stuff 9 bags in an 8-bag container :lol: