Adding Lightbox 2 to graph selections

Playing around the other day, I changed my Daily Month Reports to use Lightbox 2 for displaying the graphs…

Was pretty simple to add and use…

Go down to a the end of a days block and click on the link: Click Here for 24 hour Chart of this day

Got the code from:

Tweaked the CSS a tad. I’ve started using this on some other page sites as well. Fairly easy to use and implement.

That’s exactly what WU uses for the day stationery picture… yes it does open in a smart fashion - it looks neat having an overlay window and smooth flowing opening like that. Looks great!


Yes, that is cool.

It’s a bit OT but is there a reason why day 2 has no solar?

There was a bug for a while in WD where the charts were updated as 20080531.gif instead of the correct filename. I didn’t catch it until after that day so I didn’t have a auto generated chart to move it to.

I regenerated the day using WD but for reasons I’ve never figured out the regenerated charts don’t include solar in them.