Adding custom icon for bookmarks

Adding a custom icon (so when a person bookmarks they see not the default IE icon but your own custom one) is really pretty simple.

  1. You need to make a 16 pixel x 16 pixel image of what you want in a image creation program (I use Photoshop but you can even use MS Paint).

  2. Save it as a .gif image called favicon.gif

  3. Go to and convert it to a .ico image.

  4. Upload to your site

  5. Add a bit of code to your page(s) to make sure the .ico is getting used properly. It should go between the tags.

You can also make a favicon online…

And in Firefox, it even shows up in the tab…

(Tested on Carter Lake)

Thanks for that hint. :smiley:

And also shows in the Page tabs in Opera 7.xx

There’s now an easy (and free) online way to make Favicon from gif/jpg/bmp at

Try copying a few of your favorite NWS weather icons and make a favicon of that :slight_smile: