Add wind chill readout on client viewer.

Brian, Could you add the actual wind chill temperature where the heat index graph normally is located? I know the depreciation is on there but sometimes its hard to do the math. TIA

ok, i can fit somewhere
i was just trying out your url in the client viwer greg,
and it updates very well every few seconds…as good as vws weather flash, and it only uses 1 % cpu instead of 98% cpu that macromedia flash does, and it graphs the data for you

you can actualy run WD in client mode and get it to be updaed by that same url (via the client/server setup)
but i have just noticed that it gets the data as it would normaly from the server, until you restart, once you turn the main client/server switch ON
also, you need to have the weather station type set as stationless too, for this to work

vers 4.1 ready, the heat index dial becomes weindchill dial wehn below 20oC

This client viewer is really cool. I now have live weather at work. Brian, I checked yours today and couldn’t get an update. How often are you updating your clientraw.txt file?

only every 10 minutes as i only have a dial up modem and slow connection with limited hours

As I look at the client viewer the Wind chill depression is not moving (staying at 0.0) and the Wind chill readout is 3.0. It looks like the old wind chill dep moved over. Shouldn’t the wind chill be temp - wind chill dep? If you have me bookmarked have a look. Greg

oh, its showing oC for actual windchill, and not oF
I will fix

fixed that now
and the time/date of the data update now shows in the program window title , and the program when it first runs shows up in the task bar now too

double click the icon once hidden to the system tray to bring back up visible