Add New or improved language files here, thank you

My native language is Dutch. Thanks to the ongoing help of I was able to add the different languages to the PWS_Dashboard. For every language, also for the Dutch language, multiple users want me to improve their language. Problem is, I can not do that as I do not know the subtle differences they ask me to implement. Therefor this sticky topic.

[li]Post your updated language file in this topic. In this first message I will maintain a list of all postings sorted by language / date.[/li][li]Also mention in your post if this is a one time post only, or if you will maintain the file for future releases a.s.o.
In that case other users can sent you their updates to include for “your” languag-file, lessen the number of files for one language[/li][li]
For those who created an additional language file, please post that file also. I will add the extra code to the scripts a.s.a.p. [/li][/ul]

This will really help to improve the quality of the translations.

Language date link to topic flag
French-France 2020-05-20,69368.msg558850.html#msg558850 already included
Portugese 2020-06-04 posted
Polish 2020-06-06 already included
Italian 2020-06-14 already included

To use a new language, you need to update the _my_settings/language.txt file as attached to this post.
As the list of languages will grow over time, prune the list and remove all not-needed or duplicate languages.

Check here
==> Adding / removing/ rearranging languages in the menu

=== last edit: link to updated Italian file

languages.txt (1.6 KB)

Hello WIM

Here is the corrected French language file

I put the French translations not done at the bottom of the file
added release RADAR & other
and some modifications on GOOGLE translation
| Feels like | Ressenti|


I keep the file for future versions.


lang_fr.txt (18 KB)

Hi Wim

Here is the file with a new PT-PT translation, and also a png PT flag.
Special care has been taken for the translation phrases not to exceed available space, and so far, I can’t find any missing translation words :slight_smile:
I will update this file in the future, whenever needed.

Current translation can be seen here:


lang_pt.txt (13.7 KB)


Here is my humble attempt to make polish translation.
After a few emails with Wim we also no that to have properly displayed “polish” characters there is some other change needed:
Line 233 of wxsimPP/plaintext-parser.php needs this little ‘pl’ so that UTF-8 coding is used

$UTFLang = ',pl,gr,ru,cn,jp,he,ct,da,dk,de,el,es,fi,fr,it, nl,nn,no,sv,se,  ';  // languages needing UTF-8 character set for display

Edit: was updated

lang_pl.txt (13.9 KB)

plaintext-parser-lang-pl.txt (19 KB)

Small updates to the Italian language. I just made small corrections

lang_it.txt (17.2 KB)

I improved the Polish translation a bit and complemented with missing fragments, those that I could see to change. I hope that thanks to this PWS Dashboard will become more popular among Polish users.

I couldn’t change an original text of warnings on main page under the time. Is it also possible to print translated text?

You did not post your new version.
Maybe you could discuss it with the other Polish user who posted the file June, 6 => Add New or improved language files here, thank you - #4 by kd3141 - PWS Dashboard -

I couldn’t change an original text of warnings on main page under the time.

Yes you can.
The last part of the script wrnWarningEU.php is used for a new language. Lines 965-1003
They now have English texts, you translate them and you can test them for a few weeks.
Then I will add your translations for the Polish language to the script.

Is it also possible to print translated text?
I do not understand the question. You can print any file. Open it in a browser and then you can print it. Or use your FTP program an open it with a program-editor and you can print it. Wim
You did not post your new version. Maybe you could discuss it with the other Polish user who posted the file June, 6

Sorry, I attach the translation file. I also sent the author of the first translation. He does not have some sensors, so he did not translate all the words.

The last part of the script wrnWarningEU.php is used for a new language.

Thanks for advice. Thus the translation should be in a different file. Translated. I have to wait now for more turbulent weather to see the results :slight_smile:

lang_pl.txt (15.9 KB)

I’m attaching a Croatian translation of PWS and I’m willing to maintain it.
wrnWarningEU translation I made already available here
Croatian flag can be downloaded here :

lang_hr.txt (16.4 KB)


I have attached Danish translation for the September 2020 release. Furthermore I have attached the Danish translation for the EU warnings.

Gert (20.3 KB)

Hello @pwsdashboard and all,
In addition to the colleague @meteocaldas PT-PT translation, attached you will find a pt-br translation, and a flag as well.
You can see an example of use at:
I can update the file in the future, as needed.

lang_pt-br.txt (14.1 KB)

I attached updated two files with Polish translation including new 2009 version.

Polish (22.2 KB)


in attach you’ll find a zip with:

  • updated Italian language with all missing recent updates and corrections
  • updated wrnWarningEU.php with italian lang. strings
  • flag png

Hope it helps other italian users of the template.

PS: there’s an error in the main template (I used the NL file) - “Extra block” should be “Extra block large”. I wasn’t able to modify the title of that block, and I found the issue. (21.8 KB)


Please find attached the French language files for the scripts:
WeatherUnderground .CSV
File to replace in the DIR:

Wim wrote a script to update those data arrays as they are used by all WU scripts used in the dashboard
All information is found here=> WU data arrays Update Script ** Closed **


language (1.48 KB)

Language (1.6 KB)

There were small inaccuracies on the Aurora page regarding the Italian translation. I solved them. I attach the updated file

lang_it.txt (16 KB)


Updated Danish language file for release 2012.


lang_da.txt (15.6 KB)

Topic closed as there is a new topic starting with the 2012_lts release.

Thanks =D> for all your input, this was a lot of work on your side.

I tried to include all your remarks in the 18 language files for this release as published on December 16.

There is always room to further improve the files, please post hem in the new topic.