Action>Log File Viewer/Correct Data

Hi Brian,

Tired to use the correct daily and monthly rainfall using the “Log File Viewer/Correct Rainfall” menu:

  1. It would be helpful if you used x.xx inches (hundreth) for the units for “American” unit folks. You currently round to the nearest tenth of an inch (x.x).

  2. Made change to “Daily rainfall” (day 7 precip from 1.83" to 1.98" and “saved changes”, but the mothly total didn’t change.

  3. Tried to manually change the “New Monthly Total Rain” (3.42") and clicked on the “Correct the monthly total rain” and now I keep getting “2003.000” for the monthly rainfall total. I assume somehow the software is reading the year for the rainfall.

What else has to be done so the edited precip values get used by the rest of WD?



is that with the latest vers of wd ?
i suspect the file has got a bit corrupted if it reporting that rain.
you will need to reset, via action, import log files, convert wd log files to graphs, but instead tick convert graph files to log files…
and then zip and email me your logfile so i can have a go

Hi Brian,

I’m running 9.76e. File seemed OK until I messed with it… I’ll try your suggestions and report back.

Dave Helms
WD 9.76e
WIN2000 Pro/256MB/P4-1.5Ghz


Which if the many resets buttons should I click on:

  1. A button on the “Reset Daily Extreme Values”, or
  2. A button on the “Reset all time record values”

Neither of these menus have a reset “monthly rainfall” button.

I tried to “import log files from other software/Reset WD Graphs”

“convert weather display log files to graphs”
ticked: I want to convert a data file (.inf) to a log file (that yellow on mauve can’t be read easily)

This wiped out June’s precip in the log… not the outcome I was hoping for.


sorry, but you should be using 9.79 with that feature, as I had a bug in it when I first introduced it

when you convert graph files to log files, you then select the file month62003.inf