ack! graph problems after power outage and restart

I’ve never seen this before and I am stumped (more so than my usual condition of “always and forever boggled”).

we had a brief power outage today which took down my WD system (so much for the UPS it’s connected to, which tests “good” – not a good sign there, but that’s besides the point).

when I restarted the system, the graphs went all kinds of funky – see attachment – I lost all data for the past 24 hours, and the timeline at the bottom reads on a scale of “0” to “1,500” instead of time of day.

I searched the forum to see if this had happened to anyone else before, but my search skills suck, so I found nothing.

I then tried to delete the registry entries and wdisplay.ini and replace them with the ones saves last evening, but all that did was to take certain info (like our record rainfall from yesterday) and move it to the “today” heading.

anyone have any ideas what caused this, what can fix it, and what can prevent it in the future? I’m clueless at this point (what else is new) so chime in please, and many copious thanks…


Hi Joe.

Try to go to Action → Convert WD Logfiles to data files

Click on convert and then click on recreate last 31 days data files.

Have happened to me aswell several times due to power cut, don’t know exactly what causes the problem.

thanks, john. that seems to have fixed the graphs.

I was also able to update the rain log so that the rain we had yesterday showed up on the right day in the records. the problem now is that the main screen still has yesterday’s rain listed as “today.” is there a way of fixing that?

problem occurs is that a sudden pc power off can corrupt the data files if they are being saved at that time

re the rain totals, you can set the needed rain totals under control panel, offsets and initial rain fall setup