a second envoy question

I have WD addressing an envoy right now and it is fine. Serial to USB and we are fine.

The question I have is if I would attach to the same computer an second envoy with different parameters such as another station, would it confuse WD? I plan on using a spare USB datalogger I have held back for various reasons. I was going to give it to my high school when I gave them the VP1, but they are not doing anything so I kept the logger for a rainy day.

No, you would need to follow the instructions to have a second, independent, install of WD on the PC (and be sure it’s pointed to the correct (virtual) serial port and it would be fine.

I appreciate the information, and I figured it out sort of .

I have 3 temp/humid stations and the weatherlink logger will only take the data of 2 of them.
Brian configured Weatherdisplay to take the data directly from the Envoy and it is stored somewhere. I think I know which file it is in.

I am thinking on the line to get a second Envoy, have it only take the data from the sensors that are not in the logger. Eh… gotta think on it for some more time.