A good web page for info on weather stations


I won’t trust the data on this site for the Peet Bros Ultimeter 2000/2100. I know for sure Peet has two classes of rain gauges; a tipping bucket and electrode, and the page indicates Ultimeter has none.

Kick !

Ambientweather.com only sends to US and Canada ! How to get an vantage pro 2 wireless with solar for a good price ? Intervention possible by buying in the states and sending it to me ?

(In europe incl rs232 about 1000 Euro)

this subject has been covered a few times before in the past…about buying from the states for countries outside the states…the biggest problem is with the differences in the wireless frequencies and regulations in your country, and their are other issues too (like warrenty/repairs/etc)
but, yeah, prices are cheaper in the states (e.g from provantage)

And when they used to ship outside of North America, the cheapest shipping charge for NexStorm software was around $US90 to Australia !!!

but don’t let me get started about their ‘official’ support forum ! <fx: sits on hands> :wink:

In case anyone is looking for a Vantage Pro2, they have a pretty good deal going on right now. $397 for the wireless, and the cabled version is about $335.

Unfortunately for me they ship via UPS standard, which is unanimously considered the worst shipping option from the US to Canada. The actual shipping cost for a Vantage Pro2 is only $29.95, but upon entry to Canada, UPS immediately tacks on a $42 customs brokerage fee (as opposed to the $5 Canada Post charges), plus 6.5% duty and 6% GST.

By the time that Vantage Pro arrives at my front door, I’ve paid $127 USD in shipping and duties. Add everything up and convert to CDN$ and suddenly that $397 Vantage Pro is almost $600. And I still have to buy the weatherlink, which’ll be about $300 by the time the smoke clears…

I don’t know why I’m complaining… I know it’s worse overseas. And I don’t mind my Lacrosse… honestly. :wink:

Yeah, I forgot to add in that when it arrives over here, we get similar customs charges, plus 10% GST on it. I found this out the hard way when I bought a Boltek via ambient.