A few observations

  1. web cam now works . :smiley:
  2. no rain, so I can’t see if the stopped rain still is a problem. Someone else will need to give the Boss the files he needs.
  3. Things look clear.

What I have observed too is that the WINXP system restore , where as it has its pluses can be a pain with WD. It will set the exe files back but when the WD restarts then the data files get screwed up big time. For example on 03 I have two sets of highs and lows. What I think needs to happen is to save all the web files, logs and data files somewhere off the hard drive , make sure that the backup drive is not reset at the restore or just copy to a disk of some sort. Do the restore and copy back the saved stuff. OR before reloading the logs and data, to set the WD not to automatically reload data from the logger ( such as the VP weatherlink). Exit the program, reload the data from the saved area. Restart WD ( things, if properly reset shouldn’t do anything as reloading data at this time. Then re-enable the auto update and then things should be fine.

Now all I have to do is practice doing this.
I find that a great majority of my issues with WD are things I do myself without thinking it through. :roll: .

Last, not to order new weatherstation hardware on the first thaw of the new year. Here sits the VP soil moisture/temperature station in the box. There is 4 inches of snow and ice on the ground. Forecast is for more of the stuff in the next week. 8O

BRIAN you do good work. Don’t get discouraged, when all the smoke and dust clears you will have the best software around. A good indication of the support is how many of us still stick with the software and ask for things to change, fixes, comments and so forth. We also realize that you have another life at home, kids, wife, garden, cows, family, hobbits… We are a patient lot. 2000 odd folks can’t be wrong. :smiley:

yes there is another life
the kids have been sick with hand foot and mouth disease
the refredigerator failed on the milk vat
the hot watr cylinder leaked so much i had to install a new one.
and i go for 20 hours or so without checking the wd forum and everyone is moaning about this and that.
serves me right I guess.

Hey Brian, first things first, let us moan.

How did they get that? The cows???

Family should always come first. You take care of them, yourself and your farm. We can wait and those who can’t , they are not worth worrying about.

You take care of what is important !!!

its a commen contagious child hood disease (virus)
ulcers/blisters on the tongue/mouth, feet and hands
its a virus

they get a bit grumpy, and wake alot at night, and have troule eating.
becuase its a virus (not serious), nothing can be done about it.
its very contagious, so unless you put them in a bubble, kids get sick from other kids! (adults dont get this virus, and we probably have all had it at one time or another)
note: its not foot and mouth disease, which is something cloven hooved animals get (pigs, cows, sheep), and which i would then have to get all my stock destroyed along with the rest of the country.

and its been a busy week with school/playcenter activities
(tenting day/farm safety same day, steam train trip, swimming day at another school (my 5 year old is a real fish!)

Our daughter used to get mouth ulcers, she generally had one thumb in the mouth and the other holding her rag doll(she still has the doll, the thumb thing, not a clue if she really does it or not).

Kids get the oddest things, she had scarlett fever. No one gets that , but she did. She had the vaccine for mumps and measles. Hasn’t had the chicken pox ( we sure could have used the eggs :roll: )

We have the granddaughter this afternoon, night and tomorrow most of the day. She is a bit over 2 years and loves to dance. The swimming is not yet.

I have often wondered with all these cute kids out there, where do these odd adults come from? :wink:

Enjoy, relax. Before long they will be grown and deciding which nursing home to put mom and dad in. :stuck_out_tongue: