A few minor bugs in WD linux version

I am running build 321 on ubuntu 16.04. Two minor bugs to report:

  1. The wind direction plots are blank or dont look right. These files are dirplot, dirplot2, dirplotmonth, and dirplotspd.I have attached an example of the 24hr wind dir plot.
  2. The winter solistice time contains a “-” instead of a number. This is coming over to my web page from the testags.php file. see screenshot

I am away currently
But I will see about fixing these issues when
I get back

try a new update
should be OK

The wind direction plots are fixed but I still have that annoying dash, “-”, showing up in the testtags.php file.

where what and how re this dash?
the more detailed information you can provide, the better

See above in my first post, item #2. I include a screenshot of the testtags file as well.

i missed that
I can duplicate here…investigating…will let you know when a fix is ready

fixed in vers 323
I also got the aphel and perihel to work as well

Ok that fixed those issues but i noticed another odd ball issue that started with version 322. Wdisplay stops collecting data at midnight and starts again at 6:00 am. Doesnt appear to be attempting any ftp’s either. My graphs on the main screen go from 23 hours right to 6 hrs. I seem to recall a setting about not updating at night but am unable to find it.

any errors under view, program event log?

There is a repeating error of not being able to to save bitmap file forecasticonnew.gif which i would not think is related.

it well could be , if the problem is due to an icon used for that image overnight that is causing some error
you could try as test not saving the forecasticon

Looking under control panal → icons I dont see anything related to the forecast icon. Where is it configured?

Upon looking at that file in my webfiles folder i see that it exists and has a timestamp within the last 5 minutes. Sine there is no timestamp in the program error log i cant say those are recent errors.

it is file #20 in the customise internet and file creation setup (tab #2)

Ok i see it but nothing is enabled. See attached.

ah you are not using this override
(its recommended to though as then you have complete control over what and when)

in any case, email me your settings files WDISPLAY.INI and wdisplayftp.ini and I will see if I can duplicate and then fix the problem

Ok sent.

Some more info on this… it appears what is happening is that WD is randomly crashing. I have witnessed this several times now. It is very sporadic. It may take 5 or 6 restarts before i can even get it running and then it may run all day or it may crash again after a few hours. If i recall, this started when the fonts were added to one of the recent revisions but it would only happen once a week or so. With version 322 and 323 it is much more frequent. What i thought about it stopping at midnight was just a coincidence, it just happened to crash around midnight the past few days. I see now that it can happen at any time. I am running ubuntu 16.04 so if no other suggestions i may upgrade to 18.04.