A few bugs

Hi Brian

Thank you for the great job, that you have been doing. :smiley:

I have found a new problem. Each evening at 19.30 local time WD stop working - and it have been doint it in the last 5-6 versions. :frowning:

And I sill have the winespikes up to 12.7 M/S on the graf and on exstreme conditions. Not so many as before - but they are here… :?

I also have a problem with current month record values. I can not get record low soil temperature down til 0. And also with record high soil temperature.
In all times records it is not a problem!

When I publish on my homepage with WD then “the last reading at time” and “time of next update” it is the same. Is that a bug? :?:

And current weather is always dry… If you see the graf on my homepage you will see, that the 3-days graf do not reset the rain data at midnight local time. It is like that the graf don’t follow the time. You can see it on the rain data. It should reset at midnignt.

And I have seen - if I stop the WD for fx 4 hours and I put it on again - the graf continues - as nothing has happen. I would be nice, if you could see the brake on the graf.

It’s all for now ----- sorry… :wink:


PS. I also use the last version of the software.


7:30 pm…thats a strange time…i am not sure what it could be doing then, at this stage…maybe something to do with daily webcam, or sunset, or something…

the 12.7m/s, thats half of the obvoius error of 255 for the raw data (which is 25.5 m/s), so not sure whats wrong there…
there are reports of it probably being electrical interfernce or similar causing these windspikes
soil temp for current month:ok, i will check that

last readign bug: yes, i have not ebing able to figure that one out yet

always dry:
check you have the snow melt threshold set to the default of 50m in the summary image setup

graph and rain reset: it will be at midnight, it will be the time scale is correct, which will occur if missing data…
and missing data: see under graph setup, graph time dealy, set that to enabled


that is a ws2310 station, near me, and no windspikes…
so i think some of the problem is hardware…