A blunder with 9.80

and a nice version number too, that will be in existance for a few hours only

i stuffed up the saving of the graph history!

uploading verison 9.80a now!

and the wife accidently pulled the modem power plug while vacuuming,.,…

and the wife accidently pulled the modem power plug while vacuuming
You need a UPS for the PC/modem. Leave the weather station on mains power and then when your wife pulls the plug, you can send a 'vacuum warning' image to the web site.

I’ve just realised this message should be in feature requests :mrgreen:

yeah, i have intended to put the external modem on the ups,…which is actualy running 2 pc’s…but i need to adpat the power outlet you see,
its another 2 years I would say before broadband comes to where i live :frowning:

Do you have any line of sight across to the city? That new high power 5.7GHz licence free band becomes available soon :slight_smile:

unfortuantely not, hills in the way (I am in a big valley)
i am waiting on either counties powers wired country or fonteras/telecom to get wireless out this way
or 2 way satellite maybe
i have heard that bodies of water is not good…so the manukau harbour would not be so good…

but the local school has line of site, and it could in theory become a hub, and then retrasmit to the highest hill in the district and then eveyrone could get a split from an ominidirectional antenna there


It’s amazing how reflective a flat body of water can be, had a Dargaville radio station 900MHz transmitter link that dropped out at 3/4 tide every day from near total cancellation by the reflection path off the big river!

Love the sound of what Counties are planning/doing there… :slight_smile:

apologies for going so off topic…

i am enjoying having someone on the forum close to me who knows local things, LOL!

I agree with the ADMIN. you need a UPS. plug your modem power into that and your computer into that. When the wife snags the cord ( notice how she hasn’t done it for years?? hmmmmm) you are still on line as the blasted thing beeps

Then you say “Oh no, I was loading something for the best interests of national security, now the hobbits are going to overrun us again.” 8)

upon she says " Brian, I’ll get the hoe and rake, the squash are calling your name."

 Now in Iowa,  the wife says. lets go for a walk.   I'll get the bug repellent.  Take the dog, no.  She might get bitten.  "   

 I think I'll get a dog collar and look punk@ :lol:  :lol:

i have a UPS, with special plugs for computers on it
its just the external modem power supply is not hooked up to it (i need to modify a power cable you see)

what I did, was add a power strip that was always on and then I have that plugged in to the UPS. That strip has lower powered items such as the ac adapter for the weather console, external hard drive, and the speaker power thing. It seems to work out nicely.

Now I see that APC has a 1000 watt unit that will operate up to 30 min. minimum. I think they are a good thing to have.

It is really warm, the wife thinks we need the air conditioning. in side its 86F with RH of 46% but out side its 76F with RH of 72%. Finally I get my way aroung this place.