a 3rd HTTP Download ?

am i asking for tooooo much Brian ?

Please :lol:


i will add this, after i add times to send weather report for EACH email address in the list (someone wants that), and times to send the weather warning (i.e send after and before this hour) for each of the weather warning criteria, and for the custom internet file creation and upload, I want to add a on/off switch for erach file, and a button to copy the file create times to the file upload times
and i still am too hook up to set which remote dirrectory to use and ftp server…(arrghhh!!!)

and I really need to spray some weeds on the farm…before they over run the place

so i will get there eventualy…

(sales of WD are only just enough to justify all my time though :frowning:

ok, the 3rd HTTP download can wait, and i was just about to ask for a 2nd animattedhttpfile, but better not :slight_smile:

Hopefully the US$100 i sent you couple weeks ago but a smile on your face :smiley:

Good Luck

i am slowly ticking off the wish list
just about finished asos metar to update wd’s data./…

yes, thanks very much for the money…i really appreciate that!

yes, i can add the 2nd animated downloaded http file

i have added this to a new vers 9.77b, ready now
note: you can have multiple files to download etc, for each setup…

i am still to add the 2nd and now 3rd animatedhttpfile in wd, and auto view 2nd and 3rd file…

I have also improved/fixed some problems with dial up modems with the latest ftp version (like with unexpected disconnetions, and when using the abort button)

oops, i have jumped the gun,the new vers is still 8 minutes away from being uploaded…
bed time here now!

thanks for that, i’ll download it later.

My graph on the main page is not updating


but works in real time graph.
is there anything i should check for ?

Good Luck and thanks again for the 2nd animatedhttpfile !!

i introduced a bug in 9.77c, but fixed in 9.77d, for the updating of the internet files…but not sure if that is the reason…
and checking your web site, i see you now have 9.77d already!

sorry, i’meant thanks for the 3rd Http Download :oops:

i’m still running 9.76d
you must be flat out, i don’t know how you keep up :!: :!: :!:

Do you know anything about content retrieval using cgi script, i notice that there is an option for 5 day forecast, but here in Ozland i don’t think its possible, i want to grab content from www.bom.gov.au and save it to a text file.
My plans… grab the 3 day forecast from my region from www.bom.gov.au, save it as a txt. file hook up a two way radio to my PC through a VOX unit, so it will transmit over the air, great for tourists !!!
hopefully the Weather Talk warning is fixed and it will be an excellent idea !!!

but i’m stuck