949b access error

i installed 949b update. When I start I get something like "Acess violation@ address 715c34e

is that in the view, program error log?
it most likely will be the web cam …or weather voice…
i now have web cam as live option…but there was a gltich there…
hopefully the c vers is OK

adding option to not show shadow for each text on web cam image now…

shows up at the boot right on top o f the graphs there is an error screen. what else happens is that on the input weather… all the icons are missing. strange.

I will switch off the web cam to see. the talker is not activated.

its spme sort of start up error…and so the icons got missed being loaded

the icons loaded.

There seems to be two problems here.
one when it loads I get that error screen as an access violation. Then after a while it loads with out the violation. About 4 hours later, I got the access error on where the graphs are on the right hand of the screen. Same access error. The input weather is the screen, but no icons show up. If I drag the mouse over the screen I do get names of icons on the lower left screen, but no icons.

I wonder I there might also be some virus on board.

I will do a complete scan to make sure things are clean. I wouldn’t know how it got by the firewall/virus protections.

Also if I use the system restore, I cannot get any version to work.

On the web cam. The item that showed the direct view on the cam tha tpart has disappeared too.

Must be something simple.

no virus. Something that 48d likes and 49 doesn’t . Did turn off the direct view on web cam and reverted back to 948 d.

Tomorrow should have wonderful weather I need to capture:

From the noaa"…

Freezing rain is expected to begin between 3 and 7 am north of
Highway 30…and between 8 and 11 am south of Highway 30…and last
into the early afternoon at least. This should produce a thin
coating of ice on untreated surfaces. Some locations could see
between one and two tenths of an inch of ice accumulation…mainly
south of Highway 20. Walking and driving Tuesday maybe rather
exciting at times.
…so use commmon sense when moving about outside.

Rather exciting at times? just wonderful. OK which one of you guys gave Mother Nature the finger again???

Do the full uninstall routine - wipe files/dirs and clean the registry.


too drastic!

try reseting the icons under input dailuy weather and then restart

it might be your system does not like the animated icons that have been added (you have run into some strange things before ardvark!

The program crashed at the midnight change over. I will give it a try.

The software communicates with the weather station fine. but now it is beginning to crash upon upload to internet.

I tried installing a fresh copy to another directory with the same results.

I went into the registry and the only thing I see different is that the there is a wdisplayftp.ini and a wdisplayftp2.ini. nothing else is odd there.

When I go and do a manual upload averages/extremes to internet under action. I get a program crash, the usual screen that says an error has happened and the program will be shut down.

I have removed both the data and log files to a safe location and tried another reboot with the same results.

Something must have a glitch in either the ftp or the program itself.

I have used system restore so many times , it won’t restore anything.

SO. want to email me suggestions. Obviously this isn’t a weather display problem, but something has happened when I upgraded versions.

I did try the icon reset and it had no effect.

Well I am going to work now. Freezing rain and no one in town seems to have the ability to drive on ice.

to install fresh to another directory, you will need to create a file called 3wd.txt (and not 3wd.txt.txt) in that directory…then it will start up like new, but you can transfer across the datafiles, logfiles and webfiles foders…as a test…and setup whats needed. without the 3wd.txt it uses the same settings
you already have in use 2wd.txt (i.e that creates wdisplayftp2.ini in the registry and wdisplay2.ini in c:\windows or c:\winnt

Does that mean you can have TWO instances running concurrently? It would be neat to have local weather and remote (cabin in the bush) weather.


yes it does
up to 10 (i .e you can have some set up to use metar data, etc)



i dont have WD making the coffee yet, but i did figure out a way (using a X10 controler)

So let me get this straight. I set up a new directory such as wdisplay3. Put in an empty file using notepad and name it 3wd.txt in the main folder. Then extract a new version of WD into that directory that has the 32wd.txt

transfer in the data fliles, log files as well as the webfiles and I have a whole new program?

I don’t mess with the regestry files or ini at all?

I could try that too

just make sure its not named 3wd.txt.txt
i.e for file type under view in the windows preferences, unitck hide known file extensions
i.e, call it 3wd in notepad and it will save it as a .txt file anyway
calling it 3wd.txt in notepad will save it as 3wd.txt.txt, which is no good
also, use the action, import log files, convert wd log files to graphs, and then use convert graph files to log files to reset the log file