935C error

I downloaded 935c early this morning. When the program started back up as it read values from the datalogger, it went really nuts, extreme wind values and temperatures above 100 mph and temps up there too. I shut it down and immediately suspected the weather station. I looked into the data files there and they were fine.

I then again went to the software and it did it again. I shut it down and re-installed 935b and so far we have been fine. Any suggestions?

I think I am going to need to correct some values today with the all time high records and the logs. well it is now 19.7F out with a very stiff wind and cold, not the 50F weather of last night. People actually volunteer to live in this state. Of course we are not like the people in Minnesota who don’t know they can leave.

In any case that is that issue.

not sure what happened there, i only added in updating of the UV graphing…

I did a fresh download and it seems to be working right now. Perhaps it ingested some nasty thing. But it work now.

With all the variables,and things to happen, this did happen. Look at the history graph and the large spike. I plan on removing it at some later date.
Wife piled my work on the desk with this look. :twisted: