9.99o comments

Hi Brian,

Thanks for the revisions to the setup menu. It really makes navigating easy. :smiley:

comments :

  1. The data didn’t pad this morning. It just displayed last evenings data to the point where I shut down WD as this mornings. I have padding checked.

  2. I input 15.75" of snow for the current month and year in the inches portion of the current weather menu. I saw the metric conversion appear as 15.748" on the left side of the screen. I did not click on the update month/year button. That is fine. However, the web table shows 157.48" of snow for the month. Obviously a decimal conversion bug.

Great improvements to WD in the past 2 weeks. Thanks for the early Christmas present.

yeah, the new graph setup, there was a few things there i had wrong, but 9.99p is OK (and check the pad time is still ticked in the new graph setup)
glad you guys like the changes :slight_smile:

yeah, if you use the inches input, i try to convert to cm,s…
i wouldnt worry about how uit pads out on the left hand side
you can set the month and year direct
but i need to hook up that the amount you set for the day , the month and year gets totaled to, with a button, when using the inches input…

nearly there on that one
will have it sussed by xmas, lol